Announcing MANGO Career Guides – Your Key to Landing the Perfect Job Faster

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 We want you to land your dream job! We really do.

The best way to find that job is by connecting with people in your broader network.

They can tell you about jobs that aren’t posted, share insider career advice to help you stand out, and refer you to HR or hiring managers. You can’t get any of that online.

That said, most of us cringe at the thought of networking, crowded rooms, and elevator pitches.

That’s okay–because traditional networking doesn’t work anymore. Today it’s all about connecting. It’s about having authentic, useful conversations that build real relationships.

So exactly how do you “connect” with people in your network?

What are the steps?

The practices?

How do you do it right?

The tool and know-how to move your career forward

MANGO Connects has all the career resources you need to make connecting easy, worthwhile, and more human.

This year, we’ve crafted our knowledge into The Networking Guide for Job Seekers to help you with every aspect of connecting.

We’ve stripped away the awkward, phony, and confusing networking practices to show you the ones that help you build real relationships and move your career forward.

To put the guide into practice, MANGO, our FREE networking tool, helps you with the tactical aspects of connecting. From how to write custom email messages to managing follow up, MANGO guides you through networking flawlessly. 

On our site, you’ll find tipsheets, sample emails, and step-by-step networking courses. We’ll even show you how to find the best people in your LinkedIn network.

Now, let’s go get you that dream job! Try writing an outreach email step-by-step with MANGO to get started.

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