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Career Coach Briefing

Make Connecting Easy

MANGO partners with career coaches to provide free connecting resources and the networking tool that wraps them all together.

Our updated networking resources make connecting easy for those who have been left behind by old-style networking.

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Find today’s latest connecting tips on our career coaching advice blog.

Learn more about what MANGO has to offer in our 30-minute connecting webinar.

Our Mission

Join our mission to expand career opportunities for all. Help make networking easier, effective, and more human for everyone.

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Meet LinkedIn’s Sidekick: The MANGO App

We heard you. Your clients can add LinkedIn connections but they don’t know how to leverage them. We found the common problems and missing links. And we created a complete tool to solve these.

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Get Web Resource Links

Are your website networking resources outdated? Update your web pages with modern connecting tools your clients need.

1. Job Seeker networking resources

Millennial woman happily networking with contact over coffee.

Link to our Job Seeker Connecting Resources on your website to show your clients how to get the referrals they need.

Place link on pages with…
–   Job search tools
–   Networking how-to’s
–   LinkedIn networking

2. Career Explorer networking resources

Millennial men networking together through informational interview.
Link to our Career Explorer Connecting Resources on your website to help your clients get answers from people in their network.

Place link on pages with…
–  Career exploring tools
–  Informational interviewing
–  Understanding a field

3. Get Mentoring networking resources

Millennial woman networking with her mentor in coffee shop.
Link to our Get Mentoring Connecting Resources on your website to show your clients how to get mentoring advice from people like them.

Place link on pages with…
–  Diversity resources
–  How to get mentoring


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Get Your Clients Connecting with our Starter Resources

Is your client hesitant to start connecting? Getting them started easily:
1. Select case below 2. Click “Starter resources” 3. Copy/paste text to email

For Job Seekers
Connect to your next job

Starter resources >
career explorer talking with friend

For Career Exploring
Discover career options

Starter resources >

For Mentoring
Find mentor support

Starter resources >
student looking forward to getting a job

For Students
Build connecting skills

Starter resources >

For Internationals
Make successful connections

Starter resources >
Career Coach Resources MANGO Connects

For Event Goers
Solidify new connections

Starter resources >

Teach Networking Skills

Career coach with students at desk in background.

Group workshop for training others

Curriculum to train individuals, small group, and large classes in building essential networking skills.

Get sample curriculum >

Individual interactive tutorials

Provide tutorials for every step of the networking process.

Focus on one specific skill like searching LinkedIn or writing a request email. Or walk through everything from beginning to end.

We offer tutorials free to qualified career coaches. Request training info to learn more.

Browse tutorials >


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Get Professional Development


3 Tips for Cutting Your Clients’
Job Search in Half


Nix the old-school job search advice—and help your clients land their dream jobs faster.
The secret is connecting

In 30 minutes, you’ll learn:
How networking really works today (Hint: It’s changed)
3 tips for success and what coaching mistakes to avoid
Proven methods that get your clients connecting (esp. introverts)
Free resources every job seekers needs in the LinkedIn era
The essential tool that makes networking a breeze

Sue Wollan Fan, Founder and CEO of MANGO Connects

Hosted by Sue Wollan Fan
Founder | CEO
MANGO Connects
Executive & Nonprofit Leader

Join me for live online speed learning where I’ll show you what works (and what doesn’t) in navigating today’s job market.

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