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“I walked about 15 of my fellow coaches through the MANGO tool this morning, and they absolutely loved it! Our Specialized Master Coaches were particularly excited about introducing the tool to their international population.
Again, thank you for helping me learn more about the program. I am happy my colleagues will now be able to share it with their students as well!”
Chelsey HundleyBSBA Career Coach, Washington University in St. Louis – Olin School of Business
Chelsey Hundley
“We’ve actually added MANGO to our International Student Career Resource Guide, as well as our informational interviewing resource page. I also bring it up in class when I teach on the topic. I think requesting informational interviews can be intimidating for so many, so I love that there is a free resource for this!”
Yas HardawayExecutive Director of Career Services, Pepperdine University Graduate School
Yas Hardaway
“I feel that MANGO is especially helpful for students and alumni who could use a little more guidance with their writing skills, organizational abilities, and confidence in knowing what to say and what questions to ask during in person conversations. I think it is helpful to bring up the MANGO site and show students how it works, since once they see the usefulness of its functions they may be more likely to utilize it.”
Whitney MooreSenior Career Counselor, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Whitney Moore

Get Toolkit: Easy Ways MANGO Helps Career Coaches

Email Students

Send the MANGO link to your students in a quick follow-up email. Check out the sample email in the toolkit.

Add to Website

Add a MANGO link to your website and networking guides to give students access when they really need it…like 2AM.

Build Skills

Learn by doing. Have students use the MANGO tool to conduct informational interviews. 

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Is it really free?

Yes! As a quasi-social venture, we charge for our employer product so we can support our mission and offer MANGO for free.

Does it require integration?

Nope. MANGO is a simple, standalone tool that does not integrate or share data with any other system. 

Are there limitations?

Sort of. Career coaches and their organizations are free to use MANGO  subject to our common sense terms of use.

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