Our Mission

Imagine a world where everyone is doing work they love. We do. But for too many people, work is just work. And we want to change that. We’re on a mission to spread a more natural way of professional connecting. That way, everyone can tap the power of their networks to move their careers ahead. It’s a part of our quest to expand human kindness.

And we are focused on helping those most impacted by unconscious bias.  Because everyone deserves a shot at doing work that matters. 


Our Work

MANGO is helping people to network in real ways, in the world of work.

 MANGO is a FREE networking tool that helps today’s job seekers write customized networking emails and get face-to-face with their network without the guesswork. MANGO helps make networking easy, effective, and more natural. MANGO is used by job seekers from over 200 universities nationwide.  



Our Team

We’re not like most startups. MANGO isn’t being made by a few techies in an incubator. It’s an ongoing team effort by people from all over who show up to share their expertise with us. Often voluntarily.  We invite you to join us. 

Write yourself into the MANGO story. Because we’re not done yet.

We are a community of doers and dreamers. We share a desire to contribute our talents toward expanding opportunities for all. And each of us, in big ways and small details, proudly leaves our mark on the making of MANGO. Because it matters.


Our Founder

Sue Wollan Fan is the Founder & CEO of MANGO. She is passionate about doing work that matters and helping others do the same. She’s coached talented people throughout her career as a corporate executive at Accenture and Best Buy, a nonprofit leader, a tech entrepreneur, and a mom of three daughters.

An early nerd, Sue has an undergraduate degree in computer science and business, and a master’s in public affairs focused on advancing social equity. She is among the most optimistic people you’ll meet.

Sue Wollan Fan, Founder and CEO of MANGO Connects


Featured Team Members

Kaitlin Rahon


Kaitlin has helped shape MANGO from the start. Now she is the power house behind sharing it with thousands of you nationwide.  

Renae Jackson


Renae is the creative force of MANGO. See an inspiring social post? Get a memorable email? A cool handout? That’s all Renae! 

Kiran Miryala


Kiran is passionate about happy employees. So he’s helping design MANGO’s new employee engagement solution.  It’s about relationships.

Ajith Giri


Ajith makes MANGO work. He manages all aspects of our customer and user engagement. We’re not sure if he sleeps – Ajith is our hero.

Foram Nyberg


Foram loves to play with words. And since words create connections, she is an incredible addition to MANGO. Foram knows what to say!

Roman Kenda


Roman is our rock-star developer. He bakes goodness into every piece of MANGO code. And it’s all for you.





Names matter – We chose one that feels happy, real, and slightly quirky, like we are. Something tied to branching out and growing. Something that reflects the abundant, warm, and organic nature of connecting.

MANGO felt right.

There’s a Sri Lankan saying: “mango friends”.
It refers to people who are particularly generous and supportive of one another. The term came into being when a group of children spied a single ripe mango dangling from a tree. The tightly-knit group insisted on sharing the single fruit, so that none would go without.

At MANGO, we turn contacts into relationships.
And maybe a few mango friends.