How to Manage Professional Relationships with MANGO [Video]​

MANGO helps you do all the tactical steps of managing a professional networking relationship, working as a sidekick to your LinkedIn. Here, we’ll guide you through how to use the MANGO app.

Add your LinkedIn contacts to MANGO

To see how MANGO works, start by adding a practice contact from your LinkedIn network. I’ll use Mary Mango as an example.

Now, just answer a few questions you’ll know from their LinkedIn profile, and MANGO will show you which of the four Connection Types your contact is. Knowing which Connection Type your contact is will help you determine what to talk to them about and how they can help you in your career.

MANGO Connection Type graphic: Guides are two steps ahead, Advisors are big picture, Supports have done it already, and Connectors have helpful ideas

The four Connection Types are: Guides, Advisors, Supporters, and Connectors.

In this case, MANGO identified Mary as a Guide. You’ll see what to expect when connecting with a Guide. As you use MANGO, it will customize questions and key words that Mary, as a Guide, can relate to.

Guide Connection Type in the MANGO app.

Store contact details

Here, you can store details about Mary, and indicate Mary as a practice contact. You can also record who referred you to this contact, and details about their job and career. All of this is your information and is not shared with anyone.

Manage networking tasks

You’ve successfully added Mary. MANGO brings you to a Manage Tasks page that has everything you need to manage your relationship with Mary.

Click on the tabs to see different tasks lists, such as Conversation, Introduce, Refer, and Reconnect. You can click on orange text to start a task, and check off tasks as you go.

Manage networking tasks on the Manage Tasks page in the MANGO app.

Each task list has all of the action items that you need to complete, in the order you need to complete them. For instance, the Conversation task list reminds you to send a meeting confirmation before connecting, and a thank you message after.

You can write custom email messages, prepare questions, and track your activity with your contact by clicking on the orange text or using the side navigation.

Writing a custom thank you email

Let’s start by writing a thank you message. MANGO’s in-app Email Builders help you customize each message without the guesswork.

Email Builder prompt example in the MANGO app.

Along the side, you’ll see the formula for the message. Each popup gives you examples and coaching on what to say and how to say it, so you can customize each sentence. Clicking Next takes you to the next sentence. Click Save & Quit and return anytime.

Preparing questions for an informational interview

Back on Mary Mango’s Manage Tasks page, you can prepare questions for your upcoming meeting with her.

Conversation questions for informational interview in the MANGO app.

Click Prepare Questions in the task list or the side navigation, and MANGO creates a conversation outline with questions tailored to your contact’s Connection Type. For Mary, it is a Guide. Just click on the blue text to edit questions or add your own.

If you’d like, print a copy of your outline and bring it to your conversation. You can add other people to your contact list, and select any name to see their specific Manage Tasks page.

And that’s all you need to know to use MANGO. Get started now, and happy connecting.

Ready to turn contacts into relationships to move your career forward? Sign up for the free MANGO app.Turn contacts into relationships with the free MANGO app.

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