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MANGO Career Advice - sunset on the horizon of the ocean with a hand holding a glass orb Did you promise yourself a new career in 2018? We’re here to help. We just launched MANGO Career Advice, a career advice blog that’s redefining what networking is and how it’s done. It’s our gift to all of you who want to advance your career in 2018, and to those who are guiding others to do the same. It’s true— 85% of jobs are not posted online. Today, you’ll find the best jobs through networkingHaving meaningful conversations with people in your broader network will get you jobs, advice, and connections you can’t find online. But how do you do that? The majority of online networking advice feels fake and doesn’t work—so it’s no help. We’re here to fix that.

The best advice to advance your career

With MANGO Career Advice, we’ll bring you today’s best connecting strategies and practical tips that work. See how to build new professional relationships that move your career ahead in ways you can’t do alone or online. You’ll find connecting strategies from career experts and tips from people just like you who tell how they advanced their own careers. We know that the most relevant advice doesn’t come from books or gurus. It often comes from people a few steps ahead of you, so we’re bringing you their stories too. We’ll share their secrets for success and what mistakes to avoid as you take the next step in your career. Learn how to tap people in your network to:
  • Cut your job search in half
  • Find top jobs that aren’t posted
  • Succeed in today’s referral economy
  • Connect with the right people—and know what to say when you do
  • Figure out the next step in your career path
  • And more!
For career coaches, MANGO Career Advice brings you surprising insights about the new world of networking. Learn about the best strategies and resources to help your clients succeed. Our mission at MANGO Connects is to help everyone do work they love. MANGO Career Advice is one more way that our MANGO community helps you take your next career step in 2018. Start connecting with MANGO, and let’s do this together.

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