Networking Courses

Free Professional Networking Courses

Check out these simple, step-by-step tutorials. Learn how to get referrals, uncover hidden jobs, and find the right career fit by tapping your network.

Networking for Job Seekers
How to find a job that fits by tapping your network
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Networking for Career Options
How to tap your network to figure out your next step
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Networking for Mentoring Advice
How to build a mentor relationship for career relationship
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Networking Basics 1: How to Request a Conversation
Learn how to successfully reach out to professional networking contacts
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Networking Basics 2: How to Prepare the Right Questions
Learn how to craft questions for a successful informational interview
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Networking Basics 3: How to Follow Up Effectively 
Write followup emails to transform your contacts into lasting relationships
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LinkedIn Search for Job Seekers
How to find a mentor to help you succeed in your career
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LinkedIn Search for Career Explorers
Find the right career by finding the right connections
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LinkedIn Search for Mentors
How to find a mentor to help you succeed in your career 
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