What is MANGO Connects?
MANGO Connects is a free, online tool that shows users how to reach out to their LinkedIn connections for valuable advice. We believe everyone deserves a job they love, and developing personal connections will help users get there. We coach you step-by-step through the connecting process, including who to talk to, what to say, and how to follow-up effectively.

Who are MANGO users?
Anyone can be a MANGO user at any age or stage in their career. Whether you’re a student, a young professional, or 10 years into your career, MANGO covers all the bases to help you make valuable connections to further your professional self.

Is it free?
Yes! MANGO’s basic features are available to users for free. All we ask is that you agree to our terms and conditions. Additional features may be accessed by upgrading to Premium,

What can MANGO help me do?
MANGO facilitates worthwhile conversations with people who want to help you in your career journey. Our message builder helps you initiate meaningful conversations by creating personalized and professional messages. MANGO improves your chances of achieving your career goals and getting a job you’ll love. We make it easier to talk to relevant professionals in your desired field and expand your network with ease.

Why should I use MANGO?
The abundance of traditional networking advice out there can be confusing and tough to navigate. Let’s make it simple. MANGO makes connecting more worthwhile–whether you’re new to the job hunt, need guidance getting started in a new industry, or have been making contacts for years.

What’s different about MANGO vs. other networking tools?
MANGO offers an alternative to existing networking tool. With MANGO, you won’t feel like you have to be someone you aren’t – we help you adapt professional practices that don’t feel fake. You won’t just send out cookie-cutter messages. MANGO is the first tool that coaches you through the full connecting process, from making the initial conversation request to following up one month later. MANGO takes the guesswork out of connecting by showing you how to initiate worthwhile conversations as yourself.

How does MANGO fit with LinkedIn?

Your LinkedIn network won’t benefit you unless you capitalize on your connections. MANGO shows you how to do the things LinkedIn assumes you already know by providing resources to reach out with your LinkedIn network and develop professional relationships from connections.

What are Connection Types?

Connection types take many shapes and forms.

Guides are people who are two steps ahead and ready to show you how to get where you want to go. They give practical, detailed advice on the hiring process because of their recent experience. Guides can be influential as hiring managers and HR staff often look to guides to refer talent for roles they once occupied.

Advisors are people who have years of experience in an industry or position. They can give you a broad overview of an industry and help give you a sense of direction. Advisors also have a vast network of people they have built up through the years and will refer you to valuable connections.

Supporters are people that understand what you are going through. They offer support and encouragement throughout your career journey. They do not need to be on your same career path to provide you basic knowledge of their career transition and resources they found helpful.

Connectors are simply friendly connections in your network. We are all connectors. Their advice may or may not be relevant to your career interests, but can provide helpful direction whatever your path. Connectors empower each other by sharing their connections and resources.

Are all pictures used on this site property of MANGO?

All photography and photos are either purchased or royalty free. Icons used throughout our site are from Flaticon and do not belong to us and can be found here.

Are you ready to join the MANGO movement?

MANGO helps us all be connectors. Use MANGO to introduce others or refer someone for a job or opportunity, especially those who may have less social capital or be timid about initiating conversations. Share MANGO with those who may be struggling with what to say, what to ask, or what to do in connecting with new people. Let’s stop networking and start connecting together.