Learn how to switch careers confidently through networking

Millennial men networking together through informational interview.

How to get started networking

Prepare your profile

New contacts want to know who you are, what you’ve been up to, and what you have in common. LinkedIn is where they’ll go to find out.

☐ Education: List all schools attended

☐ Experience: Include at least 3; the best entries are those related to your career interest

☐ Headshot: Have close-up on your friendly face, simple work-type attire

Add your connections

Your network is bigger than you think. But are you connected to everyone in your network on LinkedIn? Before you reach out to start networking, build your network community online.

☐ Who: Send LinkedIn connection requests to all those who know you (classmates, coworkers, teammates, friends, family)

☐ How: Spend 1 hour to send 100+ LinkedIn requests. No need to customize them – these people know you!

☐ How Many:  250+ for professionals with a few years of  work experience; 100+ for undergraduates.

Write a conversation request email

MANGO is a free networking tool that coaches you through all the tactical steps of networking, starting with writing an outreach email.

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Learn how to network when changing careers

Need more networking advice? Check out our free Networking to Explore Your Career Options crash course for step-by-step guidance.

Who's best to talk to when switching careers

What info you need

When you’re thinking about your career options, you need information such as:

  • Big picture of a field or industry to figure out where you fit
  • Understand options and tradeoffs
  • Recommendations on best organizations in an industry
  • Advice for solving a big problem or overcoming an obstacle
  • Introductions to people in a field

Who's best to talk to

how to get a response | minneapolis job coach

There’s four Connection Types within your network. When you’re learning about how to change careers, you need to talk to Advisors.

Advisors are people in your network with 5+ years experience, on your same career path.

  •   Have Extensive Experience
  • Give Directional Advice
  • Offer Industry Contacts

Learn more about Advisors and how to find them.

How to find Advisors

If you need more help on finding Advisors in your network, check out our free LinkedIn Search for Career Explorers course, which can help you find 3 – 5 Advisors today.

Secrets to a great networking conversation with an Advisor

Why questions matter most

The key to a “conversation that clicks” is asking the right person the right questions that tap into their expertise…and avoiding questions that don’t.

When you’re feeling stuck in your career, Advisors can help you make the right career move to a new one.

Conversation prep

Get our one-page tipsheet on how to get prepared for your informational interviewfrom what to wear and pack, to what to say.

how to get a response | minneapolis job coach

Questions List

Click to see Sample Question List that works for an Advisor connection type.

How to find the
right questions easily

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No need to guess. Let MANGO recommend questions that click with your contact every time.

Watch the video to see how MANGO works for you.

Learn how to
prepare questions

Follow this step-by-step course to see how to prepare the best questions that lead to referrals and insider advice.

How to communicate effectively

How to reach out

Best tools for writing conversation request emails that really connect

Example: Conversation request email

Tipsheet: Conversation Requests

 Course: Follow this step-by-step course

How to write
networking emails

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Don’t struggle with what to say. Write customized emails without the guesswork with MANGO.

Watch the video to see how you can build custom emails including:

  • Conversation Request emails
  • Confirmation emails
  • Thank You emails
  • Check In emails

How to follow up

Best tools for writing thank you emails that solidify a relationship

Example: Thank You Email

Tipsheet: Thank You/Follow Up

Course: Learn how to follow up

Turn Contacts into Relationships

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Get your career moving.

Reach out and start networking now.
MANGO coaches you step-by-step.