MANGO in a Minute: Turn Contacts into Relationships [Video]

You’ve worked hard to get here and you want to move your career ahead. You know the best jobs aren’t posted online. They’re found through people. That’s why you network.

But how to network without feeling fake?

But networking can feel fake. You reach out to random peopleyou guess what to say and what to ask, hoping for some good advice or a referral. Maybe you get lucky…but usually, it feels like a waste of time. And your career is still stuck in the same place.

Develop professional relationships that move your career ahead

MANGO changes that. We can help you find the best people in your network to talk to. Then help you write custom emails and ask the best questions, so you can have conversations that click every time. MANGO helps you turn contacts into relationships that move your career ahead.

Two people having a conversation that clicks while networking at coffee shop.

Giving back the MANGO way

But we do more. Every year we give our resources to those who need extra help, like students who are first in their family to go to college. Because everyone should do work that matters.

That’s us. That’s MANGO.

Ready to take the guesswork out of professional networking? Sign up for the free MANGO app.Turn contacts into relationships with the free MANGO app.

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