Make every employee
feel like a hero.

Turn your referral program into your best
employee engagement and retention tool.

Engages your employees throughout the referral process

With Recruiters

“Hi Ciara – This is Randi from HR. Thanks for referring Sasha. I know you don’t know her well but think she’s a good fit. I’ll take a good look and let you know.

Here is what you can expect next…”

With Candidates

“Ciara, Jordan’s interview is coming up on Friday. He is probably nervous! Reach out and share your own experience – Your advice will help him feel more prepared!”

“Ciara, do you know how Kayla’s interview went? She will be glad you checked in!”

“Ciara, Omar’s first day is tomorrow! Be the first to welcome him! You made this happen for 3 people this year! Be proud!”

With Hiring Managers

“Hey Ciara – This is Hanna. Thanks for supporting Micha. She is a great candidate.

I’m sorry but we weren’t able to hire her for this role. We need someone with more experience in X but we’ll keep her in mind for future roles.

Just wanted to let you know before we tell
Micha. I know she is a friend of yours. You
did a great job referring her.”

MANGO Engage

A personalized employee engagement solution that scales

  • ATS-triggered messages that feel human
  • Customized experience based on referral type
  • Nurtures candidate-employee connection
  • Tailored to your brand
  • Designed for millennial/Z needs


Learn how to make every employee feel
like a HERO of their employee referrals
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