Terms for Coach Resources

Resource Use: Terms & Conditions

MANGO Connects (“MANGO”) invites career development professionals (“you”) to use our resources in a respective manner, in accordance with the following guidelines. By using MANGO resources, you are agreeing to adhere to the terms and conditions below:

1. MANGO resource sharing program is intended for use by career development professionals and their affiliated organizations, including but not limited to, universities, outplacement firms, HR departments, and professional associations.

2. Licensed Use: You are free to use and share MANGO resources broadly, whether with clients, members of your organization, or with the public at large, for example via webpages and social media. You may incorporate MANGO resources into 1-time use documents (e.g., for use in a training session) without notice.

3. Permissions: MANGO resources can be incorporated into published documents for broad distribution, with permission and attribution. Contact us for written consent.

4. Ownership: All content within the MANGO website is owned by MANGO, including, but not limited to, webpages, tip sheets, videos, and training materials. You may not sell our content, represent it as your own, or white-label any of it without written consent from us.

5. Services may be temporarily unavailable due to scheduled maintenance or unscheduled emergency maintenance either by MANGO or third-party providers. Further, MANGO does not warrant that services will be uninterrupted or error free.

6. MANGO reserves the right to request our links or resources be removed from your website and that our affiliation be terminated at any time.

7. All MANGO resources are to be used As-Is and MANGO disclaims all warranties.

8. These terms are in addition to MANGO App User Terms & Conditions and may be updated by MANGO at any time without prior notice to you.

Please contact us or email hello@mangoconnects.com.  Send mail to MANGO Connects, 1925 Irving Av S, Minneapolis, MN 55403.