Valuable Advice is Just Two Steps Ahead

Meet Jess.

Jess graduated with a degree in economics and landed a job that was a great fit for her. While she did all of the hard work, Jess didn’t get there alone. 

She found surprising support from Annie, just two steps ahead of her. Annie was a senior when Jess was a freshman, and although they were involved in student government together, they didn’t know each other well. Jess reached out to Annie for advice about her job search, thinking that she was just a friend that might have some good tips.

Connecting to those two steps ahead

Annie, as it turned out, ended up being much more than just a casual connection to Jess. Says Jess, “Meeting Annie was the turning point in my job search. She helped me understand what I could do with an economics degree and helped me realize that I was interested in technology.”

When Jess was ready to search for an job, Annie referred her to the HR manager at the career fair and Jess got an interview the very next day for a position at Annie’s company.

Find a guide in your network

Through a few conversations with Annie, not only did Jess determine what path she wanted to take, she found an advocate to help her pursue her goals. Annie says, “Helping Jess was such a natural thing to do. I didn’t think twice about referring her because we had built a solid relationship in the past.”

Career connecting can be rewarding in many ways. Perhaps the person you connect with has extensive experience and is able to give you valuable insight, or maybe this person is able to connect you to even more contacts in your field of interest. Annie is an example of a connection type that MANGO calls a “guide”. Guides are two steps ahead of you and can offer practical and relevant experience related to your early career entry. And for Jess, these were the two steps that mattered the most.

This is why we created MANGO — we want to help you have conversations with people that can assist you. Connecting with someone that is two steps ahead of you on your career path can make all the difference.  It may seem too easy, right? Well that’s because it is! MANGO is designed to make connecting with new connections a stress-free and worthwhile experience. And maybe just a little magical.

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