Sharing 2.0

Humans are wired to share.

People today want to participate in the “sharing economy” – to be active participants, not passive members, of communities. We want to create, to inspire, to connect with people who feel drawn to the same compelling purpose we do.

Sharing 2.0 goes beyond the social media and blog posts and enables us to DO rather than just SAY what matters to us.

The most beloved organizations – the ones we want to be a part of – are inviting us to actively engage in fulfilling their mission without an army of coordinators.

Going to events doesn’t build affinity to a professional association. But mentoring new members does.

The same is true of alumni associations. Writing checks leaves too much value on the table when university alumni can easily connect directly with college students who may be struggling to find their professional foothold. Sharing creates success.

We are on a mission to make that kind of sharing happen easily, everywhere.

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